Bertalan Zsili Babos (HUN)

painter, sculptor, designer
1980, Budapest, Hungary

"The decision is yours what to focus on" - Zsili is a multitalented artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator and designer. His radical and well identifiable style makes his pieces of art and design engaging. The unity in his art pieces is brought about by independent details. Watching his works you may suddenly get confused. Is everything just all over the place? Or is everything just one thing? Or does the work simply reflect countless little details? Does the cacophony of various elements amalgamate into a harmonious unity? Such questions will help us better understand what is worth to focus on.


EDUCATION: 2002-2007 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (painter and graphic design) / 2004 Erasmus scholarship - Villa Arson, Nizza, France / 2000-2001 Vocational School of Decorator and Window-dresser, Budapest / 1994-1999 High School of Fine Arts, Budapest (bookbinder and book illustration)

OTHER: 2013 „Wndrlnd” outdoor bar, interior design, creative artistic director, Budapest Hungary / 2012 „Púder Bar Theatre and Gallery, interior design, creative artistic director, Budapest, Hungary / 2011 „Csak Art Bar”, interior design, Budapest, Hungary / 2010 „Szatyor Bar and Gallery” restaurant and contemporary gallery, interior design, creative artistic director Budapest, Hungary / 2008 „Csendes Lét-terem” cultural cafe interior design, creative director, Budapest, Hungary / 2008 XXIV. Graphics Triennial of Miskolc „Fehér -Fekete Pisti” intituled book, Miskolc, Hungary/ 2007  „Pinceszínház” theatre interior design, creative director, Budapest, Hungary / 2007 „Kultiplex” Culture Center cinema and entertainment place, mural art, Budapest, Hungary / 2007 „Tűzraktér” Art House studios, concert hall, mural art, Budapest, Hungary / 2006 Hungarian National Gallery XV.Hungarian Graphic Design Biennale „Fehér-Fekete Pisti” intituled book, Budapest, Hungary / 2005 Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts Best of Fine Art High School works „My own children's drawings paraphrases” intituled book, Budapest, Hungary / 2001/04 Restricted publications in DABLINN c. Graphic yearbook / 2000 Book design Biennale of Sopron, Sopron, Hungary / 1999 „Rékassy Csaba-Award” / 2000 Book design Biennale of Sopron „My own children's drawings paraphrases” intituled book

SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2013 Erlin Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2011 Fészek street 1. Budapest, Hungary / 2010 Gödör Club Budapest, Hungary / 2012 Ötkert Budapest, Hungary / 2009 „Kultucca Festival” Budapest, Hungary / 2009 Holdudvar Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2009 Stereo Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2008 Swab, Art Fair  Barcelona, Spain / 2005 Basement Gallery of Ferencváros, Budapest, Hungary / 2003 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary / 2002 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2013 Dunavski Dijalozi Art Festival Novi Sad, Serbia / 2012 PP Center, Partizán Studio Budapest, Hungary / 2012 Holdudvar Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2009 Ferenczi Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2009 Fiera d’arte Bolzano - Art Fair Bolzano, Italy / 2009 LilyK Gallery Paris, France / 2009 Art Factory Gallery, Budapest, Hungary / 2007 Documenta Kassel, Germany / 2007 Erlin Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2007 ACB Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2007 Pinceszínház (theatre) Budapest, Hungary / 2006 Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest, Hungary / 2006 Fresh Europe Mania-Passion Brussels, Belgium / 2006 KOGART Budapest, Hungary / 2006 Selection of the Best works of Graduation, Ráckeve, Hungary / 2006 Boulevard and Brezsnyev Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2006 Squat house of Budapest, Hungary / 2005 POSzT Pécs, Hungary / 2005 Nádor Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2005 Valley of Arts Öcs, Hungary / 2005 Snow sculptures Helsinki, Finland / 2005 Erlin Gallery Budapest, Hungary / 2004 Villa Arson France / 2004 FMK, Budapest, Hungary

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Kappl-Ausstellung bis 30. August 2020

Die Ausstellung "Insomnia" mit Arbeiten von Franco Kappl bei Kunst an der Grenze in der Grenzkunst-Halle am Bahnhofring in Jennersdorf kann noch bis einschließlich 30. August 2020 besichtigt werden. Öffnungszeiten vom 7. bis 16. August 2020: täglich vom 10 bis 13 und 17 bis 21 Uhr geöffnet. Öffnungszeiten vom 17. bis 30. August: Mittwoch bis Freitag jeweils von 15-18.30 Uhr sowie Samstag und Sonntag jeweils von 14-17 Uhr.